Thursday, May 07, 2009

Learning about polyamory

This is a very interesting and enlightening commentary written by a San Francisco blogger about how she educated herself about polyamory by reading Jenny Block's book Open. I like the way she describes her thought process from believing that polyamory won't work to understanding that at its core, polyamory isn't really about having multiple sex partners. At its core, polyamory is about creating workable, fulfilling relationships outside of traditional monogamy.

She writes: I love that being attracted to, or even coupling with, someone else doesn't have to be a relationship's deal-breaker. Even more so, I'm enthralled with the sense of personal satisfaction, empowerment, and validation -- and interpersonal intimacy and connection -- that the necessary communication about such a possibility would foster. Mostly, I'm glad that my fear about what a relationship has to be is starting to be lifted. Because I do want a partnership. I just don't want any of the kinds I've already seen.

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