Wednesday, March 11, 2009

One of the best of 2008

One of my favorite movies from 2008 just came out yesterday on DVD - the Swedish vampire coming-of-age film Let The Right One In. This was the movie I saw on the weekend that Twilight opened in theaters ("The other vampire movie" - Nov. 24, 2008) and frankly, it's ten times more original than Catherine Hardwicke's film. Unfortunately, the rumor mill has it that an American version is being made by Mat Reeves, director of Cloverfield. I am not at all optimistic that I will enjoy the remake as much as the original, but at least I'll have it on DVD.

As I said back in November, this is the most original vampire movie I've seen in a long time, and based on some of these overwhelmingly positive comments from Amazon readers, I'd say I'm not alone. Highly recommended viewing.

"Let the Right One In left an impression on me that no horror film has since perhaps The Exorcist and it is probably, along with Hertzog's Nosferatu: Phantom Der Nacht, the most compelling portrayal of the vampire myth that I've ever seen in film. This is an amazing movie and I cannot recommend it highly enough."

"It's no great exaggeration to say that "Let the Right One In" is undoubtedly the best vampire movie made in many years. . . "Let the Right One In" is a hauntingly beautiful story of children's friendship and love, wrapped in the most unique vampire stories in many years. A must-see."

"Besides Murnau's historic "Nosferatu" and Herzog's romantic remake of same, I've never had much use for the vampire film. This is a very special film -- one you'll think about for days after seeing it. You might not be scared, but you will be haunted."

"Let the Right One In can be considered what an adult take on Twilight could be, with brilliant performances, a dark and poetic tone, and an actually thought provoking screenplay."

"The film is grisly, grotesque, unnervingly beautiful and gentle, and is a welcome installment in vampire lore. It features the concerns of pre-teens mixing it in with waiflike atmosphere. It is one dishearteningly stupendous art house horror film!"