Monday, March 16, 2009

How it feels to be sawed in half

In the category of stuff that only I would care about, I came across this video on my dear friend Pearl's blog. As longtime readers know, I've known Pearl since before she was born ("Pearl the pop star" - Sept. 11, 2008) and today she is an aspiring pop singer in Taiwan under her professional name Ivy. This video is an appearance she made recently on a Taiwanese talk show where a magician does the old "saw the lady in half" trick on her, after first making her sign a disclaimer of sorts with a thumbprint. Then she does this little sexy dance getting into the box, which made me laugh, since most of my memories of her are from when she was a child and pre-adolescent girl.

The whole scene to me is rather surreal, like the Japanese talk show that Bill Murray finds himself on in the movie Lost in Translation. I'm looking at this 25-year-old woman that I've known for so long and had a profound impact on my life, and she's become a celebrity in a foreign country. Life is so weird sometimes.