Monday, March 09, 2009

Cool music

"Love's hard to come by, Edward; you should never throw
it away just because it's a bad idea."
vampire executioner
Anita Blake in The Harlequin

Is it any wonder that with opinions like these, Anita Blake has become my new favorite fictional character? And love is hard to come by, at least for me.

Anyway, it's my second month of true unemployment (where I'm not receiving my salary) and the pressure is starting to wear on me a bit. Unemployment benefits help pay the bills, but I'm finding the job market a lot tougher than it was back in 2006. I just hope something turns up soon. On that note, Bug also lost her job last week, so we are all feeling the pinch together.

We all went to Hartford, Connecticut last Friday for Tara's gig held at a club that used to be a Spaghetti Warehouse. It brought back memories of the one I used to go to in downtown Houston that was in a real, authentic historical building. It was a smaller crowd that I think we were expecting, but the music was good. A girl came up to me while I was watching the band and said it was the first time she'd heard them and she absolutely loved the music. She wanted to know if I followed the band, and I explained that I was a friend of the drummer. Here's a picture of me at the gig, just because I don't often expose cleavage in photos!


Oh, and by Colleen's request, here's a closeup picture of my new ear piercing and my new glasses that I took when I got home that night:

Blue piercing

Speaking of catching up on things, I wanted to share my list of cool music that I started building at Imbolc ("Imbolc" - Feb. 3, 2009). I was waiting for Tara to hear it so it would be a surprise, and I got to play it for her on one of our trips to Hartford, so here is the track listing:

  1. Everyone Deserves Music - Michael Franti & Spearhead
  2. Three of a Perfect Pair - King Crimson
  3. It Will Be A Good Day (The River) - Yes
  4. Settling - Tara MacLean
  5. Dream Brother - Jeff Buckley
  6. Day for Night - Spock's Beard
  7. Let Me Live - Queen
  8. Sleeps With Butterflies - Tori Amos
  9. Between the Wheels - Rush
  10. Between You and Me - Marillion
  11. Growing Up - Peter Gabriel
  12. Remember - Roine Stolt
  13. Bad - U2
  14. Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley