Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cat humor

Heh, this is the funniest little clip, taken from Bug's Web site. She says it's a good idea of her morning routine (my family has three cats, in case you were wondering...)

I spent the day sending out the press release for Katelynn's appearance at the next Polyamorous NYC meeting on May 20, and secured a listing with a photo in HX Magazine, one of the more prominent free gay publications in the city. I'm hoping we will get some mainstream media at the event as well.

Tara and I had one of our long poly-mono discussions last night, which always seems to upset her moreso than me. I miss our physical intimacy very much, and as that's the only thing I'm not getting from her and it's very unlikely we'll resume that activity, I'm forced to seek it elsewhere unless I'm planning to be asexual. I've never been very good with dating, but I have faith that the right person (or persons) will come along someday.