Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bisexuality in the news

I was reading this very interesting article on bisexuality today, and it made me think about the fact that bisexual men are completely invisible in our society. For example, as the article states, if a married man has sex with another man, he is almost always viewed as a closeted gay man, and that his marriage is just a sham. What else could it be, right? It couldn't be that maybe, just maybe, he's bisexual and is attracted to both men and women? Naaahhh...

But it's true - that is the response you typically get in that scenario. And it underlines the deep denial a lot of our society has that bisexuality even exists, unless it's in pornography as an excuse to see girl-on-girl action. One could also argue that it's a sign of an active gay agenda to deny the existence of bisexuals by attempting to classify everyone as either gay or straight. Even bisexual women are often dismissed or marginalized as "unstable" or "unable to make up their minds" or assumed to feign attraction to women as a way to please a man.

But it seems that Hollywood is taking up the mantle of male bisexuality with movies like "I Love You, Man" making so-called "bromances" the flavor of the month, as suggested by this article titled "How Male Bisexuality Got Cool." Again, interesting reading, but doesn't really address the underlying issues like the first article.