Sunday, May 29, 2011


Puck just left the apartment, so I have a few hours to kill before my evening plans start - a good time to catch up on blogging.

Friday the office closed early so I came back and got my haircut with Cristine at Sassoon Salon. It now falls just around my collarbone, so about three inches shorter. All the better since the weather has really turned the corner and started getting truly sauna-like.

In the evening I met Bellatrix for dinner at Kum Gang San, my favorite Korean restaurant. As you might recall, we got to know each other at the last Mid-Manhattan Midnight Munch ("MMMM" - May 1, 2011). After dinner, Bella and I went over to the MMMM a few blocks away and chatted with the group. I sat down next to Dave, Puck's former sub (and whom I would see again 12 hours later) and was pleasantly surprised to see Jenn from Leon's birthday party (see "MMMM" above) who sat next to me. I had chocolate mousse (in the shape of a chocolate mouse) and we talked about graphic novels, movies and nail polish. She's a fan of Frank Miller and Alan Moore just like me, and also loves the Scott Pilgrim series. I had a really good time with her and with everyone sitting around me, but still left about 1 am (which is early) so I could get some sleep for tomorrow.

Puck came by at 1 pm to pick me up for Dave's tea party at Radiance Tea House and Books a few blocks north of my apartment, and had a four-hour tea party with Dave, Ilan and Anastasiya (I had just met Ilan at the munch 12 hours earlier, and met Anastasiya at a TNG munch months ago with Puck, who went to high school with her). We had several different kinds of iced and hot teas, plus dumplings, rice and noodle dishes, and mochi and mochi ice cream for dessert. It was a wonderfully balanced and fun group for conversation, which ranged all over from sci-fi to comics, linguistics to physics, LGBT and kink. I think we were all surprised that we stayed so long, but we were all having such a good time that no one wanted to leave.

In the early evening, Puck and I entered the ticket lottery for Priscilla Queen of the Desert, the show that took the place of our beloved West Side Story in the theater next to my apartment, but we somehow missed the drawing by coming back a few minutes too late. Undeterred, we walked over to Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo and entered that lottery. They drew all the double seats and had only a single seat left by the time they drew my name, so we turned it down. So my record on lottery drawings is now six-for-10, not including the last one, since technically I won something, but it wasn't enough for both of us. I'll count that as a forfeit.

So instead of a show, Puck and I got our nails done at a salon in Times Square, and then went home to watch the last two X-Men movies to get ready for X-Men: First Class, which opens next weekend. And it's always a rare treat to sleep together when we don't have to get up crazy-early the next morning.

Today we had breakfast of omlettes and turkey bacon, and they read The Ultimates while I made peanut noodles for my event later tonight. Then we watched a couple episodes of Buffy before they had to leave for a family birthday party in Brooklyn. We're now past the halfway point in Season 3, so if we keep at this pace, we should finish all seven seasons around the time they graduate from college :)