Thursday, April 21, 2011

Musical memories

While I was in Texas, my office hired a new person in the pod so they moved me to the opposite corner of the building. There’s good points and bad points about this. I have to walk about 120 steps each way to get back to the pod, and I’m no longer by the café, so if I want a Diet Mountain Dew, I have to trek over there for that.

Being away from Lori and Meredith and sitting next to Erik means I miss some of what’s going on, but it’s also easier for me to focus on doing my own tasks. Since I don’t have to have my antennae up all the time, sometimes I put my iPod on to drown out the chatter so I can work.

Yesterday I was listening to Paramore’s first album, “All We Know Is Falling” and I was transported back to when I first discovered them on Stephenie Meyer’s blog when “Decode” was announced as the first single for the Twilight movie. You know how you get that visceral reaction when you hear music you haven’t heard for a long time, and it belongs of a time that is very different from your current reality?

I still remember that time period (“Twilight music” – Oct. 7, 2008) when I first bought that album. I was working in midtown Manhattan for Agent K. I actually had to leave my office for lunch, which I don’t do anymore. I just started seeing Puck, and it was the time period when I was starting to fall for them. It was also the start of my musical explorations independent from Tara. All in all, a period of great changes in my life.

I’ve been feeling surprisingly outgoing and energetic for the past 48 hours or so. Maybe it’s from all the activity that’s going on in the next few weeks. Softball practice tonight, Poly Women’s Group tomorrow night, then Puck and I hang out Saturday for ice cream in the afternoon, Leon's birthday party in the evening at River NYC and a FetLife rumble late (where we might also bump into Piper). Tuesday is Open Love NY where I’ll be leading a member discussion.

The entire week of May 9, I’ll be traveling for work – to Carlsbad, California for a couple days to help with a spill drill, then back and straight to Maryland for two nights at the companywide softball tournament, the first time I’ve been invited to play. So I hope this newfound energy and enthusiasm lasts.

Oh, so Seder dinner – it was fine. Susan and her son Joey from Puck’s shul came – I’d met them before. Different from last year when it was all family, but it’s always nice to be with Puck on special occasions. I love the way they tuck me into bed at night.