Thursday, August 16, 2007

Are men just gullible?

You know what's interesting about sex-related spam messages? Almost all of them are directed at men - "Gain up to 5+ inches" "Become the man you always wanted to be" ad nauseum. I see very few ads these days on increasing bust size, although they were quite common in the past.

From what I know about the science of human anatomy, it's much easier to grow boobs than penises, so I'm wondering why all the penis enlargement ads. Could it be that they have indeed found a way to enlarge male anatomy, or could it be that men are just more gullible and likely to fall for a scam than women? I think we can all agree that men, not women, are the more concerned party when it comes to penis size, although women seem to have more body image issues than men in general.

It's the third day of my South Beach Diet and things are going well. I've noticed a diminishment of my waistline, not so much that it's flat, just that it's not protruding as much as it was before. There is a noticeable loosening of my "fat" clothes that I've been having to wear, and hopefully soon I'll be able to wear more of my "thin" clothes. I just hope that I don't lose fat from my butt or my boobs, since I've gone from a C to D cup in the last year and I'd like to stay there. Hopefully losing the fat in my belly will make me look a little curvier by not being so thick-waisted.

On the work front, I got put in charge of a project to submit a proposal for an ethanol advocacy group, which is a pretty interesting subject and a politically hot topic right now. Unfortunately it means a lot more work for me, so less time to goof off like I'm doing now. Also, I'm thinking about canceling my acting classes to lighten my schedule, which is a shame, but I need to get more sleep, especially at the tail end of the workweek.