Thursday, August 30, 2007

4 things

Not much to say this early on a Thursday morning, so here's a meme from Stewgad's blog:

4 jobs I've had in my life
-newspaper delivery - my first job in high school (before child labor laws) and it was a toughie. Had to get up at the crack of dawn on weekends, which sucked every way you can think of. My hands got all ink-stained from wrapping papers, and I sometimes had to ride my bike in the rain if someone wasn't available to drive me. I even got attacked by a dog once, who chewed a hole in my newspaper carrying bags attached to my bike. Maybe this is where I got my work ethic.

-Circuit City salesperson - this was actually my favorite job because I love hanging out in electronics stores, and the people I worked with were fun to be with, lots of interesting personalities. This was the only job where I made some real friends (one of my co-workers lived with me and my family for a few months). Also got some nice employee discounts!

-DOT spokesperson - this job made me famous in Houston. I was on TV a few times every month, talking about highway construction and every time I went to gatherings, people would always come up and say they saw me on TV. There were some fun moments where I got to be a photographer and newsletter editor, and I met some famous people (Nolan Ryan, Clyde Drexler, Houston mayors) but overall it was a pretty repetitive job.

-PR agency executive - so this is the job that pays the bills. Again, some high points and some nice people I've met along the way, but after doing it for eight years, it's become a little repetitive.

Come to think of it, those are practically the ONLY jobs I've had that weren't related to school. I got paid for working on the college newspaper and I had a couple of paid internships at newspapers and PR firms, but that's about it.

4 places I've lived
-Phoenix, Arizona, for less than a year and don't remember anything about it
-Scotland, when I was a child and I wish I could remember more about it
-Houston, Texas, which will always be my hometown after spending more than 30 years there
-Wayne, New Jersey, my current abode

4 favorite foods
Every once in a while, I dream about what my last meal would be, if I could have anything I wanted, so this question is easy!
-a platter of steamed Pacific oysters from East Ocean Chinese Restaurant in Houston on Bellaire, topped with garlic and scallions, or black bean sauce
-shredded Szechwan pork (the #10 lunch special) from Feng Ling on upper Westheimer in Houston
-Thai steamed mussels from Thai Spice on Bellaire near Fondren in Houston
-Dim sum in a nice restaurant in Hong Kong

4 places I'd rather be
Than here at work? That's easy...
-in bed with one of my loved ones
-Glastonbury, UK (or anywhere in the UK, for that matter), standing in a crop circle or watching a cricket match
-in a bungalow over the water in Tahiti, being served breakfast by canoe
-in a redwood forest on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, listening to the trees

4 movies I can watch over and over
Wow, this is a tough one. There are my all time favorites that are well-known (Casablanca, West Side Story, Ben Hur) but I'll pick some of my more obscure pleasures.
-Every Time We Say Goodbye (an early Tom Hanks movie, sort of Romeo & Juliet in Jerusalem)
-JFK (yes, it's Kevin Costner, but once you muscle your way past the gag reflex all kinds of possibilities open up)
-Legends of the Fall (I love watching this on a cold winter's day when I'm home all day alone)
-As Good As It Gets (Oscar-winning actors doing great comedy and drama at the same time!)

4 TV shows I like to watch
Like Stewgad, I don't have any TV reception or cable at the moment, so these are all historical favorites.
-Buffy the Vampire Slayer
-Iron Chef / Iron Chef America
-Star Trek (the Kirk/Spock/McCoy version)
-The Twilight Zone (the original Rod Serling version in b&w)

4 websites I view daily
-Family & friends blogs

4 computers I have owned
I'm dating myself a little here...
-Franklin DOS machine
-Apple Macintosh SE
-Apple iMac
-Dell Inspiron notebook

4 people to tag
-Chris (because he LOVES surveys!)
-Colleen (because I know she's reading)