Tuesday, January 24, 2012


It's been a pretty non-stop week before a nice, quiet weekend, and it's late now so I'll briefly recap before bed.

Tuesday was the Open Love NY leadership meeting at Diana's place in Brooklyn. Puck and I went together and they took notes for us. We talked about our mission statement and upcoming events.

Wednesday was the Poly Women's Group and we had a couple new members, plus Sylwia, Sarah and Katie. It was actually a really fun talk, as it usually is when we get a decent turnout.

Thursday I went to a bar in Brooklyn for Lourdes' 22nd birthday. Lourdes is Kacey's intentional sister and flatmate, and I was happy to see Kacey there too, back from her trip home to Colorado.

Friday night Puck came over and we had a late supper at the next door Dervish Mediterranean Restaurant. In the evening we continued our Buffy/Angel viewing and they worked on their paper for school.

Saturday we went down to Union Square for lunch at Whole Foods and to go shopping at Nordstrom Rack. We found a pair of size 7.5 men's black Oxford wingtips to go with the rest of the clothes I found them. We also bought a tie for Dave's birthday present, and we went out to celebrate that later that night at Society Billiards, along with Beth and a new person, Emily. We played a game of nine-ball and eight-ball and then went to the Hollywood Diner for a late dinner.

Sunday night was Myth 3: Friendship is Magic party (WARNING: not safe for work!) where Puck and I volunteered to give massages in the aftercare area. This is only the third public kink play party I've ever attended, although I've been to plenty of private and semi-private ones. Early in the evening I found my friend Jen there and after checking in with Puck we agreed to play a scene together with her topping me. We started in the common area and moved to a bathroom stall where she gave me some nice bite marks on my torso, shoulders and back, plus a vigorous spanking. There was also some stand-up making out, which was fun.

All around the room there were various forms of play going on - wax play, floggings, suspensions, punching, bondage, spankings. It was pretty amazing to see. Piper was going to come, but she was flying back from out of state and got delayed at the airport. I spent most of the evening hanging out with Beth, who was serving as the official photographer for the event.

From 1 to 2 a.m. I gave massages to people in the aftercare area, where people go to chill and recover from intense scenes. We got back home from Myth at 4 a.m. so no surprise that we woke up after 1 p.m. today. After our afternoon breakfast, we watched a little of Aladdin and Puck had to leave for a doctor's appointment, then home.

The rest of the day I've been doing laundry and cleaning up the kitchen, plus clearing off shows from my DVR. It's been a nice buffer until it's back to work and Open Love NY tomorrow night.