Monday, August 18, 2008

King Crimson

Another dull week starting at the office - it seemed this weekend was way too short. However, we ended on a good note last night, having a blast at the King Crimson concert at the Nokia Theater in Times Square. Despite Robert Fripp (the guitar player) getting huffy about someone taking his picture near the end of the show, the band came out for three encores, including their big hit "Elephant Talk" (not to be confused with the Henry Mancini tune "Baby Elephant Walk"). There were some electrifying drum duets with Pat Mastelotto and Gavin Harrison (the drummer from Porcupine Tree), and Tony Levin did his usual magic with the Chapman stick and his patented "funk fingers" on bass. I actually spotted Tony in the lobby before the concert - he's a pretty distinctive looking guy. I recognized him from Peter Gabriel's Secret World concert, one of my all-time favorite concerts on DVD.

The rest of the weekend was pretty blah. I put together my rolling laptop desk that came in the mail this week - I'm going to use it as a book stand to hold heavy books so I can read them without having to hold them up (like my "Absolute Sandman" volumes by Neil Gaiman). I didn't leave the apartment on Sunday except for the concert because I was tossing and turning all Saturday night. Tara called me at 2:30 a.m. Sunday because she had a difficult evening with Bee after our Saturday night movie and I was still pretty awake. We talked for a little bit and I went back to sleep, but she didn't get to bed until close to 5 a.m.

Friday night we all went to the mall for dinner and then to the big bookstore in Paramus. I got a couple DVDs that were on sale (To Kill a Mockingbird and the director's cut of Dark City), and a couple comic trade paperbacks, and an out-of-print copy of Mike Carey's "The Devil You Know" in hardcover (they sell used books too). As readers know, I've been smitten with Mike Carey's "Lucifer" series for Vertigo Comics, so I thought I'd give his novel a try.

Speaking of smitten, as the rest of my family laments to postponement of the next Harry Potter movie, the net effect is that the movie version of Twilight will be pushed forward three weeks to Nov. 21, so that's good news for me because I'm dying to see that one. However, I probably won't insist on seeing the earliest shows because I don't want to deal with screaming teenage girls any more than I have to.

Tara and I spent a peaceful night together at my apartment on Friday (other than my closet shelf collapsing with a terrific noise as we were getting ready for bed). Saturday morning we woke up too early at about 8:30 and made snugglebunnies, and promptly fell back asleep until about 11:30, whereupon Bug came to take her to the comic store and other errands while I snoozed until about 2 p.m.

I finally got up and ran my usual Saturday errands and made Saturday night dinner, and we watched Pixar's A Bug's Life in the evening. It's probably the last movie we'll watch for a while because we've decided to do a run of the NBC TV show Heroes for the next several weeks, starting with the beginning of Episode One this weekend.