Friday, May 04, 2007

Return from hiatus

So, it's been a month since I took off from this space, and I think it's time to start talking again. My time off has had some ups and downs. In some ways I feel better, and other ways I feel worse, but at least I feel like writing again.

Most of April was dominated by fire clean-up and replacing what I lost as best I could. That's not to say that I didn't have any fun, because I did. But I devoted at least half of every weekend to doing stuff related to the fire, like bringing my messed-up cable box in, unpacking the last of my boxes, cleaning files, organizing my closet, shopping for little things like cleaning supplies and bathroom products, etc. etc. I would say last weekend was the end of that as a major activity in my life when I finally bought a receiver and tested my damaged speakers to find that most of them still worked and set up my makeshift home theater, using a DVD player I had previously loaned my family and hence was not destroyed in the fire. I also found a table and chair by my apartment dumpster that now serves as my computer desk. I haven't replaced the brand-new Dell desktop I'd bought just a week before the fire, so I'm just using my old laptop for now, along with a new printer/scanner. But I still don't have cable or Internet at home, simply because I've spent so much money on recovery I have to cut down on my bills wherever I can.

On the fun side, I went to Lincoln Center to see La Traviata by the New York City Opera, and made my first trip to Shea Stadium to see a Mets game (my company has a box there and I managed to score some tickets from a co-worker who couldn't use them). We also took another fun trip out to Connecticut for a band gig. I've also been taking my weekly acting classes, which have been fun and challenging at the same time. Right now I'm doing a scene with another girl playing two women at a gym talking about relationships.

Work has been extremely busy for a number of reasons, and I've been having to stay a little later on some nights to cover things. One of our vice presidents left and I've had to pick up some additional work and responsibilities from her absence, plus one of our entry-level girls left this week, leaving us a bit short-handed until they can hire someone else. Then I have a large pharmaceutical client in New Jersey that is ramping up an internal GLBT program, so I've been involved in helping them with that, which involves taking a car out to New Jersey and back a couple times a week (a real time-sucker). At least it's work that interests me.

Speaking of busy-ness, I'd better get back to work now or I'll be stuck here late on a Friday. If anyone is still reading, I wish you a happy weekend!