Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Porcupine Tree

It's been a pretty eventful six days since my last post, starting with last night when I had sex for the first time since about August 2005 (depending on how you define "sex"). Of course, details are personal since there are other people involved, but suffice it to say that it was a long time in the making - last night was the culmination of a courtship that started in November 2005, but had been complicated up to now by other factors that were finally resolved this past weekend.

Of course everything else kinda pales in importance to that news, but this weekend I did get to see one of my favorite bands Porcupine Tree at the Nokia Theater in Times Square with two of my loved ones. It wasn't a perfect concert from a set list standpoint, as they left out some of their big hits like "Lazarus" and "Arriving Somewhere," but it was still a rockin' show. The big downside was all the people in the audience smoking pot and tobacco, and this crazy Peruvian guitarist who was standing next to me and kept bumping into me while doing his air guitar dance. Plus it was a little taxing standing up for three hours, but it was also the closest I've ever been to the stage of a rock concert, so that was pretty cool. The inflated condoms bouncing around the audience also made me chuckle - fortunately they didn't land on me.

The rest of the weekend was a wash - I had to come in Saturday to the office to work. Fortunately it's much easier to drive into the city and park nearby than take the train, and it worked out well for me because I was going to be in the city anyway for the concert Saturday night. Plus, I got to bill the parking fee, mileage and bridge toll to my client. I even got a free lunch out of the deal since the client ordered takeout Mediterranean cuisine, which I love and was appropriate since they were from Saudi Arabia. I met up with my family at the Met museum and we drove down to Times Square for a bite to eat at McDonald's, then staked out a space on the floor of the concert hall. After the concert I got a souvenir black hoodie and we took a cab back up to my office so I could take some stuff home, like my kneeling chair that I don't use in the office anymore, but I can use at home now.

Sunday was nice and restful, with my usual trip to the library and then we had a backyard barbecue as the clouds rolled in over the golf course. As it got dark we went inside and watched the Yankees play the Mets and come out with a rare win, while at the same time finishing the groundwork that led to yesterday's events.

I might also mention that Friday night I watched one of my favorite movies, The Unbearable Lightness of Being, with my (strictly platonic) movie buddy from the Polish Film Festival, and we ended up talking about it for several hours afterwards. She was so inspired by the movie that she's already booked a trip to Prague for this upcoming holiday weekend to meet up with her sister there, who is going to school in Poland.

So lots of good stuff happening here, and I feel better in my heart and spirit than I have for a long time. I'm looking forward to better times ahead, and hopefully at a bit slower pace than the past week.