Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Why this blog?

This is actually my fourth or fifth blog, depending on how you count them. The address used to be called "Michelle's Brand New Life" but I like "The Last Unicorn" better. Of course, it refers to the classic tale by Peter S. Beagle which was later made into an animated film which is just out in a 25th anniversary edition. There is a line in that movie, spoken by Prince Lear when he first sees Amalthea, the unicorn disguised as a young girl. Since she has only been a girl less than a day, he comments that "she has a newness." For the longest time I didn't understand what he meant by that when I heard the line in the movie, but it applies perfectly to me now.

My other blogs documented the transitional period between my old life in Houston and establishing myself in New York and New Jersey. I've changed so much in these two years, and I think it's time to start fresh for new readers who don't know my past. In other words, if my blogs were comic book titles, this would be the launch of a spin-off.

So to start, I'm still in the midst of recovery from the apartment fire that started on March 19. They have recovered most of my clothes, shoes, jewelry, guitar and my stuffed animals, and I'm in the process of washing everything to get the smoke smell out. It's been a struggle to the get the other stuff out, like pots and pans, dishes, furniture, etc., and I can't really buy new stuff until I find out what can be saved. So it looks like I'll be in limbo for a while until I can get in there and assess the damage.

I'm looking forward to this weekend, when I am celebrating my girlfriend Tara's birthday by taking her to visit the Brooklyn Museum for the first time. They have an exhibit of Hudson School paintings that we want to see. Other than that, it will probably be more of the same, getting the apartment cleaned up and things put away so there's some semblance of order in my life.