Friday, July 27, 2012

Great Adventure Shindig 2012

My crazy July is finally coming to a close. We did the Dark Knight marathon last Thursday into Friday, then met up with Katie Friday to try and buy Puck a suit, but there was a freak fire in Union Square that blocked the entrance to Nordstrom Rack, so we couldn't get in.

I went down to Princeton to pick up Yoshi and Morgan Friday evening and we visited the Princeton Record Exchange and did some grocery shopping at Wegmanns before heading home.

Saturday morning we led a group of friends (Beth, Perri & Dave, Morgan and Laura) to Six Flags Great Adventure. We rode Kingda Ka, the big rollercoaster; Superman, and a few other rides. We really only had time to do half the park, so maybe another trip is in order.


Sunday I was actually a bit glad that yoga was cancelled because it gave me time to clean up and do all the laundry after sending Morgan on his way home. Plus, I had to work a little bit before leaving the office. They've been keeping me busy all this week, although my intern has helped shoulder a lot of the load - I'm so glad we got her for the summer.

Tuesday night's Open Love NY was the largest crowd we've ever had - 63 by Murray's count, including our presenters. However, we had to cancel our leadership team meeting last night because of scheduling conflicts, so that was one less thing this month. So last night I finished my Harry Potter marathon and made a second batch of ceviche, this time with bay scallops added to the snapper. I marinated it for about an hour in freshly squeezed lime juice, chopped garlic and chile peppers (jalapeno and serrano) and then added avocado, diced onion, cilantro, salt and pepper.

I'm just glad that this weekend is going to be relatively placid. Puck is coming out to MMMM tonight, then there's a Papacookie event Saturday night, and hopefully yoga on Sunday, after a month-long hiatus. There's some stuff bubbling under the surface, but not ready to talk about it yet.