Friday, February 10, 2012

Steampunk dreams

I dreamed last night that Puck and I were living in a great house owned by a beautiful and wealthy lady, along with one of Puck’s other partners. The three of us went to the store to buy ingredients for fondue: gruyere cheese, bread, chocolate, bananas, strawberries, etc.

As we drove home, we passed a fine gentleman, dressed as a black knight and riding a great black horse. We got home and went inside to put our groceries away, and a few minutes later, the knight arrived. Our lady came downstairs, all dressed in an extravagant black steampunk ball gown, complete with a jaunty hat.

The knight entered the house on horseback through the tall, double-front doors that opened like gates, hooves clattering on the tile floor in the foyer, and announced his presence. The lady acknowledged him and accompanied him outside. We watched them talking in the garden from the window and discussed whether it would be indiscreet to take pictures of them all dressed in such finery.

Puck laughs at me that I always seem to dream of us living together, as this is the third such dream I can remember. They stayed over last night after a date with Alex on the upper west side, and I typically remember my dreams better when there’s someone else in the bed. Sleeping together seems to naturally segue into dreams of living together.