Friday, August 12, 2011

Dancing through life

Well, it's been a while since I got back from Ireland, and I'm finally over my jet lag, plus I don't feel much like working today. To the blog, then!

Last weekend was quite restful for me. I got my laundry done and out of the way as soon as I walked in from work on Friday. My building is being remodeled, so they had to reduce the size of the laundry room by about 80 percent. So I'm trying to do my laundry at unexpected hours to avoid the wait on weekends.

Saturday my friend Barbara came to town and we tried once again to win tickets to "Book of Mormon" - no such luck. There are just too many people vying for those tickets, usually at least 150 to 200 on a Saturday night. So we had dinner at a new barbecue place on 9th, where I had my first American-poured Guinness (it tastes the same, but they didn't fill the pint glass all the way to the top like they do in Dublin). Sunday, I stayed home pretty much the entire day and cooked food for the coming week.

Puck finally came home on Monday after a month in St. Petersburg, and they've been fighting a serious case of jet lag. I went to Poly Cocktails Monday night and had a pleasant enough time - no red cards handed out, and I met some interesting new people, plus got to know Rose Regina (an Open Love NY member and friend on FetLife) better.

Tuesday night was Ardella's 21st birthday at the Russian Vodka Room, a scant five blocks away from the apartment, so I could scarcely countenance not attending. Leon was there, along with Alissa, whom I met at Wicked Faire back in February ("Wicked Faire!" - Feb. 21, 2011). I met some other of her friends and had a blintz with farmers cheese and chocolate.

Random note: I'm tearing through the first three books of Jacqueline Carey's Kushiel's Legacy series. I finished the second half of Kushiel's Dart while on vacation, then ripped through the 700 pages of Kushiel's Chosen in only a week, and now started on the third in the trilogy, Kushiel's Avatar. I haven't read books this voraciously since the Twilight days.

Last night Puck and I finally reunited after our longest-ever separation since Argentina (which was before we were actually in a relationship), going to see a dance recital by The Next Stage Project at City Center Studios in Carnegie Hall, nine blocks directly north of the apartment. The room reminded me of scenes from Black Swan, but the dancing was beautiful and exquisitely done. Puck got their "Dance Your Ass Off!" t-shirt as a souvenir, and we went home together to have an early bedtime. It was nice having them home again.