Friday, March 11, 2011

Lashes and cash

Just a few random thoughts today, ranging from the very significant to the completely trivial.

Starting with the significant – I got a nice review at work this week, which led to a pay raise and an annual bonus. The pay raise is just enough (after taxes) to cover my rent increase, so that’s a wash. The bonus, however, is sizable enough to buy a brand-new compact car (although taxes will take a big chunk of that), so that’s a welcome addition to my bank account. If Nearing continues to be successful and I continue to perform well, I should have enough to put a down payment on a permanent dwelling in a few years. Or maybe I can finally take that trip to Italy I’ve been thinking about. But for now, it gives me an extra cushion in case I find myself unemployed again.

In the past, when I got a raise, I’d take my family out to celebrate at Harold’s – that was our tradition. But somehow I just don’t feel much like celebrating, even though it’s a huge paycheck and I’m certainly happy and grateful. Maybe I’m just not living in the moment on this one, or maybe I just don’t want to get too excited and buy something stupid.

But the thing about me and money is that having a lot of it doesn't really make me want to buy things I didn't already want. I'd much rather spend it taking someone out to dinner or an event, be it a movie, concert or show. It almost always makes me happier to spend money with someone than on myself. But unfortunately, Puck is sick and they are probably not up for celebrating this weekend.

I went out to see “The Adjustment Bureau” with my friend Angel tonight. She came directly to the theater from dinner where she just broke up with her girlfriend of two months (they met on New Year's Eve). The movie was pretty good, but you have to be a hopeless romantic to really enjoy it. Unfortunately, not everyone in the theater was in that kind of space, so the spell that was being cast often got interrupted by sarcastic and cynical comments, snickering or outright groaning. But for someone who believes in love, there are powerful moments in this film, and it really does make you think about the nature of love and destiny.

The weight loss has been slowing lately, but that's to be expected. I've dropped 20 pounds and haven't gained any back yet. I'm eating a lot more fruit lately, taking apples and oranges from work home to have with dinner. I generally eat some blueberries or grapes with my lunch too, which is usually salad.

I'm also wearing mascara everyday now too. I used to hate wearing it, but now that I've kinda made it a habit and gotten used to it, it's doing wonders for my lashes. I always envied Tara's long, full lashes, and it's because she's been wearing mascara since she was a child, whereas I didn't touch any kind of makeup until only five years ago. I'm using Clinique's lash building primer and mascara, and I apply it on the train every morning on my way to work.

As you can see on my GoodReads window, I got some new graphic novels - the new Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter by Laurell K. Hamilton, Echo: Black Hole by Terry Moore, and the third volume of Madame Xanadu, a Vertigo title. I'm also still trying to finish Mark Helprin's Winter's Tale before the weather gets too warm.

Anyway, enough rambling. I'm so ready for a quiet, relaxing weekend.