Friday, February 22, 2008

Week in review

I really should be working, but there's time for a quick update. Besides, how can anyone work during a snowstorm? We're supposed to have 5-6 inches of snow here today, maybe more. This morning I woke to the sounds of snowplows on my apartment driveway, and the drive to the train station was slow but not too scary. The trip home might be a different story, as it's really coming down heavily and is expected to continue all day and all night until about 1 a.m. tomorrow.

This past week has been a whirlwind of activity. Last Friday I did indeed take the day off to extend the Presidents Day holiday weekend. I went for my allergy shot, then did a little shopping before meeting up with my friend Agnieszka after she got home from work. We both didn't feel like going out, so we sat on her couch and talked for about six hours. Tara called at around midnight when we were wrapping up and offered to make me pancakes in the morning, so I stopped by the 24-hour grocery on the way home to buy some blueberries and whipped cream.

Saturday Tara and I had our pancake breakfast, and then went out shopping for a few home items. I'm looking for a cheval mirror for my bedroom so I can see an entire outfit at once - right now, I only have a dresser mirror that shows the upper half. I also needed to buy some new candles, having burned my last set down to a big messy puddle of wax. We found some of the candles at Pier 1, and I also got New Avengers: Illuminati at the Barnes & Noble. No luck on the mirror though, although we even visited a couple of furniture stores, which was interesting to say the least.

In the early evening, I decided to start my exercise program, so I got on the treadmill for 45 minutes, and did some weights for my back and abs. I also went out to Loehmann's to check out their holiday sale, as I'm still trying to decide what to wear to Joanna's wedding on March 8 in Ohio. I didn't find much in the way of clothes, but I did find the patchouli-scented candles I was looking for. I got back just in time to start dinner for our regular Saturday family night, when we finally completed Season One of Young Indiana Jones.

Sunday night we all watched the Fantastic Four movie and ate peaches, blueberries and M&Ms. We all agree that movie is much better than we were led to believe, and we're looking forward to seeing the sequel this weekend. Monday Tara and I went back to my old Residence Inn hotel and shot some baskets on their basketball court. It was the first time I'd played since I left the hotel almost two years ago. Then we came back to my place to shower and continue the cardiovascular workout before she had to go home for a few hours while I did some laundry and tidying up. In the evening we watched an old movie called Time After Time, which is about one of my favorite fictional characters, Jack the Ripper.

Tuesday night I met my friend Lori in the city and we went to a new library branch, a new Borders book store and an Indian supermarket. I bought some stuffed grape leaves, lime pickles and garlic relish, and I gave her the pickled garlic and jalapeno mix that I'd made for her.

Wednesday I went to my first PolyNYC group meeting at the LGBT Center downtown. It was a very large group, about 50-60 people of all kinds. I ran into a couple people I knew from the last cuddle party I went to, so it was nice reconnecting with them. The speaker was talking about deeper communication between poly partners, but I'll admit I didn't agree with most of what she was talking about. She also offended a few of the people in the room by saying that all women naturally send and receive communication simultaneously ("transceiving"), which a lot of people didn't get besides me. The best part was engaging in a silent meditation one-on-one with a partner, and seeing a mouse run across the floor in the background and trying not to break out laughing.

Last night I continued my workout program and cuddled with Tara a bit while watching the Rockets beat up on the Miami Heat. Still can't believe they traded Bonzi Wells to New Orleans for Bobby Jackson.

That's all for now - hopefully I won't have to sleep in my office tonight because of the snow.