Thursday, May 10, 2012

Puck's Broadway debut

Puck’s grandmother was finally released from the hospital after her 10-day stay, so Puck is now staying home in Staten Island to help take care of her. It was wonderful having them stay for so long, and I think that during this period we’ve managed to grow even more comfortable spending time together and being involved in our daily lives.

Sunday night we saw the first episode of the second season of BBC's Sherlock on PBS and it was every bit as marvelous as the stellar first season. Monday was the first of the month, so just like last month we went down to the Under St. Marks theater to see Shotz with Kacey and Becker. Unfortunately, we got there too late to all sit together. We sat in the back row (which was fine since there’s only about 40 seats in the theater) and they sat in the front row.

The theme this month was Greek myths, and all the plays had to include a kiss, and the phrase, “As for me, I know nothing.” There was a mime presentation of the tale of Narcissus, an inventive association between the history of flight and Icarus, a comical retelling of Phaeton and Apollo, and my favorite, a visit to the Minotaur by Pac Man and one of his ghostly friends. There was another play dealing with the Fates and one that I think had something to do with Sisyphus (or maybe it was someone with OCD who kept stacking soda cans into pyramids).

Upon completion of the plays Puck had to leave for an overnight stay at the hospital and Kacey, Becker and Azizi left for another event so I did some shopping at the Walgreens and went home to clean the apartment and change light bulbs.

Tuesday Puck was back and I was coming home early from work, so we decided to try and see Priscilla Queen of the Desert. I thought we were going to have to try and win the lottery for tickets, but Puck went by the theater and found out that they already held the lottery and they didn't have enough entries to sell all the front-row tickets so we could just buy them without having to win them - how fortunate for us!

The show was marvelous of course, and since I'd seen it with Piper last month, I knew they were going to ask audience members to come up at the beginning of the second act to dance on stage. I clued in the usher that we would like to do it, so when the moment came, one of the cast members asked the usher if there was anyone who wanted to come up and dance and she motioned to me. I pushed Puck up to accept the invitation (although the usher thought he was making a mistake by taking them instead of me) and they got to dance a hoedown to the tune of "Thank God I'm a Country Boy." Later in the show, I also caught a ping-pong ball that bounced off the stage out of the mouth of one of the cast members that still had her lipstick on it.

After the show we waited outside and got autographs from most of the cast and took some pictures with them. Then we went across the street for a late supper at Famous Dave's Barbecue and back home to sleep. That was a really fun date, and a wonderful cap on our extended co-habitation.

Tonight Piper and I resumed our Hitchcock marathon after a few weeks hiatus. First we went to Bann Korean restaurant at One Worldwide Plaza a few blocks away and grilled a dinner of duck breast and beef shortribs on a gas grill built into the table. I haven't done Korean barbecue for many years, probably since Genghis Khan in Houston closed. It was a very tasty and elegant meal, and it was nice to catch up with Piper, since she's been super-busy with a project at work.

The movie tonight was Rear Window, and unfortunately we couldn't finish it because the disc was damaged, but that's OK because we've both seen it before. Next up is the final appearance of Grace Kelly, opposite Cary Grant, in one of my personal favorites, To Catch a Thief.

Tomorrow night I'm going to see Kacey again at a gallery showing that Storm invited us to (which might finally be the chance for the three of us to reunite since I met Kacey last year). Friday night is MMMM, and Saturday I'm going to visit my old stylist Edison for a haircut. It should be a quiet weekend so I can recharge for next weekend's Steampunk World's Fair, where Puck and I are both looking forward to seeing Alex again.