Monday, October 03, 2011

Sony, SlutWalk & Sandman

I finally bit the bullet and got a new camera, a Sony NEX-3, my first "prosumer" camera of the digital age. There's nothing wrong with my old Sony point-and-shoot that has taken just about every photo you've seen on this blog, but after seeing and appreciating photos taken by others with better cameras (the one of Puck offering the cupcakes in Prospect Park, for example, was taken by someone with a DSLR) I decided it was time to upgrade. Too bad I didn't do this for my trip to Ireland, but better late than never.

Also, this Sony was on sale as a refurbished model at the Sony online store for only $329, and it can be found cheaper than that now. They are updating this model soon, so the existing ones are heavily discounted.

The last SLR I had that I lost in the fire of 2005 was a Nikon 4004, and that was a film camera. Since going digital, I've never had a camera with a decent sensor size, which is the main factor in digital picture quality.

So here's the first photo I took of my little family in the apartment:


On Saturday I went out to march at SlutWalk NYC to support that cause and to meet up with Puck and my Open Love NY and kinky unicorn friends. We marched through the East Village, down St. Mark's Street, chanting and waving our signs:


Spreading the Open Love NY message

A couple young women in front of me were marching topless (which is allowed by law regardless of gender) and a spectator angled in with a camera phone for a closer shot. Another marcher, dressed as Wonder Woman, got in his face, screaming "BACK OFF!!" repeatedly. Somebody yelled out "Wonder Woman saves the day!" The group of women marching with the topless women hugged and thanked Wonder Woman for her intervention.

When we got back to our starting point at Union Square for the rally, I met up with Storm and then Puck, and our kinky friends:

Mila and their Muppet - their shirt says "Muppets Against Rape Culture" or something like that

Unfortunately, the sky opened up and rain poured out, sending us to the subway, where we actually ran into Bellatrix by chance, saying a quick hi&bye before heading to lunch at Plataforma Churrascaria and settling into a major food coma back at the apartment.

In the early evening, we stopped in at Murray's apartment for the SlutWalk afterparty, but didn't stay long. We ended up at the Papacookie event, Puck's first time at one, and I brought my peanut sesame noodles to share:


We only stayed for the first performance, which was violinist Katt Hernandez, a pianist and Jonathan on the accordion. Puck was exhausted after the busy day and they were also starting to get sick, so we left about 11 p.m. Hopefully next time we'll get to stay longer and see more performances.


Sunday I started a reading project I've been wanting to do for a while, and that's to re-read the entire Sandman series by Neil Gaiman, which I own in four large Absolute Sandman editions, and read concurrently with The Sandman Companion by Hy Bender. This will, optimistically with my busy life, take me until the end of the year to complete, especially since the books are too bulky to read anywhere but home.