Thursday, January 29, 2009

City visits and job interview

Tara and I had a MOMA trip planned for Tuesday, but when we got there, we found to our dismay that the museum is closed on Tuesdays - wtf?!? That was terribly disappointing, but we managed to salvage the trip by visiting the Cloisters on a very uncrowded afternoon and spending some quiet time there. Which was a bit of a relief for both of us because we were talking about our relationship and poly issues throughout the whole trip. Not that I mind talking about relationship issues with anyone and we had a nice afternoon together, but our energy was anything but peaceful for most of the day.

Here's a picture that Tara took of a newly opened section of the main chapel section of the Cloisters:


I met with the HR guy from a PR firm yesterday in the city and had a brief but encouraging talk. I might hear back before the end of the week if they want to proceed. It was supposed to snow heavily yesterday, but it was mostly rain and ice, so at least my movement was not impeded.

After my meeting I met up with one of my friends from PolyNYC for dinner, a guy named Kyle, a 45-year-old FTM. We went to a diner in the city and had a nice chat about life and transitions and stuff - he's writing a book about his life and experiences. We stopped at a drugstore to pick up some cookies for the meeting, and then proceeded to Simon's six-story walkup apartment in the East Village.

We had nine people at the PolyNYC leadership meeting, and it was a barn-burner. I think everyone just needed some time to vent, and they did. I mostly stayed quiet and listened, and tried to input a calm, unbiased perspective where I could get a word in. I think we have a lot of work ahead of us if we are to get the boat moving in the right direction with this group.

After the meeting I met up with Penny, who was coming out of her tango dancing class, and we walked and chatted together for about 30 minutes until she had to leave. We continue to try and carve out time in our busy lives to see each other until she leaves for Argentina, but it's difficult with all our other family commitments.