Monday, July 14, 2008

Growing up

It wasn't much of a weekend to write home about. I did my errands, spent time with my family and cleaned the apartment. A lot of the time I was just lonely and more than a little melancholy about my unconventional life choices. Things are still weighing heavily on me, but I'm trying my best to let them fall and move on. At least I have my birthday celebration on Tuesday to look forward to.

I finished a nice little Charles de Lint book yesterday called Little (Grrl) Lost a sweet urban fantasy about girls growing up in different worlds. That topic blended with a conversation with Tara in the movie theater on Sunday while waiting for Hellboy II to start, when we were talking about how things were with each of us growing up. Compared with her, I think I had it pretty easy growing up, which might be why she's so much stronger and secure in her identity and spirit than I am. I think I've taken the easy, well-worn path most of my life, and maybe the bushwhacking is starting to become fatiguing. But I figure there's no turning back at this point, so I might as well press on.

Anyway, we saw Copying Beethoven for our Saturday night movie, which was inspiring as always. I've loved this movie since I first saw it at the Polish Film Festival last year when I first met Agnieszka (with her friend Raymond) and I was happy to introduce it to Bee and Bug for the first time.

Also, I started reading Witchblade: Origins, a comic by the late great artist Michael Turner, who recently passed away. For my non-comic reading, I'm starting The Stolen Child by Keith Donohue, which was one of the first presents Tara ever gave me and has been in my collection forever. I think it will make a good follow-up for the de Lint book I just finished.

In the latest chapter in what seems like a neverending series of unfortunate events, on Wednesday Bee fell down her basement stairs and cracked her tailbone, which makes sitting and certain movements excruciatingly painful. If it's true that bad things come in threes, hopefully this will be the coda after her dog attack and stomach flu. I brought my Boppy pillow home from my office to help her with the sitting, and that seems to help. I just feel so badly for her that she's been through so much pain and hardship crammed into the last four weeks, although it has not been without its upside in terms of bringing us closer together.