Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Neti pot

Here is an interesting article in the New York Times on using a neti pot, something that Bee got me into and has become a fairly regular part of my bedtime routine, especially with allergy season in full swing.

"Short, Stout, Has a Handle on Colds" - Jan. 3, 2008

Not much else to talk about today. I stayed home last night and spent time in my gym downstairs, then cooked a huge pot of Indian chicken and onions in a stew to be served over rice. Then took out all the garbage and picked up a comforter someone was throwing away (it hadn't been thrown in the compactor yet) and washed it for use in Yoshi. Sometimes the girls get cold on long trips when Tara blasts the air conditioning.

Tonight I have my second meeting of poly women at a park downtown, and we couldn't have asked for better weather. I'm just a little worried about being too cold, since I only have a denim jacket, but I'm sure I'll manage.