Friday, April 11, 2008

So sleepy...

I am tired. It's been a long week, especially since I didn't have a proper restful weekend, with my trip to Philly. Plus, this week has been so busy with the softball game on Monday, the poly meeting on Tuesday, and doctor's appointment after work on Wednesday for my allergy shots, then I hit the gym after that.

Tara came over last night feeling frisky (we hadn't seen each other since Monday) and she managed to get me excited enough to play with her, but I promptly fell asleep afterwards, and she had to let herself out to go home. I'm sure we both feel a little awkward about that, but seriously, I was having trouble keeping my eyes open even when she was kissing me. But I certainly didn't want to turn her away, and frankly, the best part of the night for me was falling asleep in her arms, my head on her shoulder, hearing her whispered endearments in my ear as I dozed.

Having an intimate relationship isn't just about rubbing slippery body parts together - it's the love and mutual understanding behind the expression that makes the activity worthwhile. Best not to be so focused on the goal that the reason for getting there is lost, right? I'm trying to learn how to let go of "making progress" in my relationships and just let things come when the time is right.

Not much else to say right now, other than I'm planning to spend a lot of time in bed this weekend, hopefully not all of it alone. :)