Thursday, February 25, 2016

Movie madness and SmartGlamour fashion

It feels to me like I'm cramming as much fun stuff as I can in the last days of TSMC. I hope the withdrawal when I leave isn't too depressing. It will be a different set of circumstances and I'm looking forward to the change of scenery and being with Puck. But even they recognize that it's the end of an era and they are going to miss being here almost as much as I will.

My friend Carolyn came over and watched The Last Emperor with me on the 12th, appropriately since we're both Chinese. I have a personal connection to the movie's central character (unfortunately this does not make me the Lost Empress of China) as chronicled in this 2008 blog entry. Watching it with Carolyn made me realize that she's practically the only Chinese person I'm friends with, as we both have this lingering first-generation Chinese-American perspective.

It's sort of an interesting feeling being isolated from my cultural roots the way I am. Katie M came over earlier this week and we watched Saving Face, a Chinese lesbian comedy that was filmed in Flushing and Manhattan and half the script is in Mandarin. I wouldn't say that I miss the idea of a Chinese community because most of it collides with my current beliefs and lifestyle.

The following Tuesday another new friend, Rebecca, came over to watch Beauty and the Beast with me, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of becoming the first animated film to be nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars. We had a wonderful time talking about movies, as she is as passionate about movies as I am. I'm really happy that she's going to come with me for the AMC Best Picture Showcase this year - I think we're going to have a great time. We're both super-excited about it - it's her first time going, and my sixth.

In other news, Liz hosted a lovely Galentine's Day brunch at her apartment on the coldest weekend of the year. All her furniture she brought up from Texas has now been put into place, minus a few inches of wood here and there. I brought deviled eggs and she made some very tasty bacon and set up a waffle bar with lots of toppings. I got to see Victoria briefly before she had to leave for a show, and Marguerite, Michelle and Andrea all came as well. I noticed that Michelle was wearing a Beauty and the Beast-themed Valentine's shirt that was covered with heart-shaped candies that read "Flowers," "Chocolates" and "Promises You Don't Intend to Keep."

On Friday, Liz and I attended the all inclusive + body positive runway show presented by SmartGlamour for their new Spring 2016 collection. Liz blew up the internet as part of SmartGlamour's #imflattered campaign earlier this year.

After the 20 minute show, we went around the corner for a complimentary glass of Prosecco before heading up to the PIT Loft on 29th Street to meet up with Josh for "This Live Show with Nate Foster," an SNL-style improv performance that Josh helped to write. One of the skits was a contest of movie charades that I volunteered to participate in and ended up winning a $15 Regal Cinema gift card. Afterward we had a late dinner at nearby Black Iron Burger before heading home.