Friday, January 02, 2015

2014 Christmas ornament

As longtime blog readers know, each year I choose a single ornament for my Christmas tree to represent the year. In addition, I also get the annual Angel ornament from the Metropolitan Museum, which I did back on the 22nd when I visited the Met with Kacey. We met at her favorite Miro ("Photo - that is the colour of my dreams") and went to see the Holiday Tree before having a late lunch in the Members Dining Room. Afterwards we met up with Becker in the crowded insanity of Rockefeller Center to watch the lightshow and window displays at Saks Fifth Avenue.

It felt right to close out the year with them for the holidays since we started this year with their wedding. And as I said in my post back in January, the corsage Kristina made for me for the wedding now serves as my 2014 ornament, representing this joyful milestone.