Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Love letters

I got a whopping 10 love letter requests for my annual Free Love Letters project. This is really becoming a thing in its fourth year!

The first year, I only got one request. The next year I got three. Last year I got five. So it's growing exponentially!

I was especially pleased with the variety of people who asked for letters. It runs the gamut from my closest friends and intentional family to people I barely know. Two people I've met in person only once. Two requests are repeats from last year. There are people who used to be close to me years ago but had drifted apart. I have two requests from overseas, my first international requests. This is getting to be a global project!

So I've done four of the 10, and I guess I've done the easiest of the four. So if you're one of those wondering where your letter is, please be patient. Each letter is the result of deep reflection and research on our history in my blogs and social media sites, plus a few hours to create, package and mail the letters. I promise you will be happy with the result when it eventually comes!