Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Working weekend

Echoing the trend lately, work has been unrelenting lately. Tonight is earnings night, a quarterly occurrence at all publicly traded companies where we inform Wall Street on how we did for the previous three-month period. It's not particularly difficult work; it just requires me to be on call to make any necessary changes to the press release up until the time it goes on the wire in the morning. Unfortunately, that means I had to miss Shotz tonight for the first time in almost a year. To make matters worse, Kristina said it was a good show too, celebrating Shotzo de Mayo.

I also had to work for a few hours last night from about 9:30 pm until finally going to bed at 12:30 am, writing talking points for my CEO's appearance at a big conference next week. I got a rough draft together and then polished it this morning.

Obviously I wish I didn't have to work such long hours, but at the same time, I feel lucky that I have a job that not only supports my New York City lifestyle (although I'm hardly a spendthrift) but also gives me the personal satisfaction of helping to spread my CEO's message to inspire a clean energy revolution. It's an important mission that deserves my best work. So if that means a few late nights and missed shows, I don't feel as badly as maybe I would if I were working for a company solely focused on profits.

And that's not to say I didn't have some fun this weekend. Saturday I work up relatively early for Free Comic Book Day. I picked up a couple bags of comics from Midtown Comics and breakfast from McDonald's before returning home. In the evening I went out with Kacey, Becker, Illona and her husband Tom to see Tracks at Dixon Place, a show of acrobatic dancers by a group called Lava that Illona takes classes with in Brooklyn. It was an interesting and fun show with aerial work, tumbling and modern dance elements. I especially liked a performance with two dancers who sang a duet while hanging from a trapeze, accompanied by an electric guitar and two backup vocalists. It was a beautiful song - I wish I had a recording of it.

After the show, we all walked over to the Sugar Sweet Sunshine bakery for a snack - that's where Kacey and Becker got their wedding cupcakes - and chatted for while before walking Illona and Tom to their subway station. The three of us took a short detour to do some grocery shopping before I walked with them back to their West Village apartment and took the subway home.

Sunday I went out to the music store and bought a couple CDs and the movie Shopgirl on DVD. Josh texted me and we met up to see Captain America: Winter Soldier, which I enjoyed very much. Now I can continue watching episodes of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD because those plotlines cross each other and I've been keeping episodes on my DVR until I could get to see the movie. So even though I had to come back from the movie and work, it was a pretty nice, relaxing weekend, and after tonight, it should slow down a bit at work after earnings is done.