Friday, March 07, 2014

Oscar party 2014

It’s been a fairly quiet week for me so far after the big Oscar party on Sunday, where I had seven lovely people show up for a very fun night of food, fashion and friendly competition. From left, we had Liz, Josh, Illona, Lytle, Victoria, Piper and Robin. 

Liz won the leather blank journal for picking Her for Best Original Screenplay, winning a tiebreaker with Lytle, who also picked correctly, by having more correct picks that her at that point. By the way, that poster behind Liz is a collection of famous movie quotes, each illustrated with a clever infographic, a holiday gift from Piper.

Piper was the big winner of the night, taking home a $50 AMC Theaters gift card with an astounding 20 out of 24 picks correct (I got 19 right). Lytle won the AMC Marathon poster for picking Best Film Editing.

Everyone got a CD of Oscar-winning songs over the decades for picking "Let it Go" for best song, the shoo-in category of the year. The songs on the Oscar CD were:

1.     The Way You Look Tonight (1936) from Swing Time by Frank Sinatra
2.     Over the Rainbow (1939) from The Wizard of Oz by Eva Cassidy
3.     Mona Lisa (1950) from Captain Carey, U.S.A. by Harry Connick Jr.
4.     All the Way (1957) from The Joker is Wild by Jeffery Osborne
5.     Call Me Irresponsible (1963) from Papa’s Delicate Condition by Tony Bennett
6.     The Shadow of Your Smile (1965) from The Sandpiper by Chuck Brown
7.     The Windmills of Your Mind (1968) from The Thomas Crown Affair by Sting
8.     Up Where We Belong (1982) from An Officer and a Gentleman by Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes
9.     (I’ve Had) The Time of My Life (1987) from Dirty Dancing by Glee Cast
10.  Under the Sea (1989) from The Little Mermaid by Samuel E. Wright
11.  Beauty and the Beast (1991) from Beauty and the Beast by Peabo Bryson      and Celine Dion
12.  A Whole New World (1992) from Aladdin by Peabo Bryson and Regina Belle
13.  Streets of Philadelphia (1993) from Philadelphia by Bruce Springsteen
14.  You Must Love Me (1996) from Evita by Madonna
15.  When You Believe (1998) from The Prince of Egypt by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston
16.  You’ll Be In My Heart (1999) from Tarzan by Phil Collins
17.  Into the West (2003) from The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King by  Annie Lennox
18.  Falling Slowly (2007) from Once by Steve Kazee and Cristin Milioti

The Best Picture inspired menu this year included the following food and drink:

Crackers Phillips - multi-grain crackers with boursin cheese, green onion and capers
Phil-a-mushroom - stuffed mushrooms with bacon
12 Spears You Crave - a tray of long items and dips: pickled asparagus, baby carrot sticks, celery sticks, cheese sticks, beef and turkey sticks, Pringles breadsticks, bell pepper strips, green onion sticks, fresh cucumber sticks, snap peas and baby zucchini sticks.
American Mussels - mussels crudite
Dallas Fryers Club - chicken wings
Her-shey's kisses - dark and milk
Flaming Nebraska - Mexican hot chocolate cupcakes with marshmallow frosting that Liz toasted with a blowtorch

Gravi-tea - "Starry Night" black tea with almond slivers and coconut rasps

Robin did another fine job this year tallying points for the contest. They even came up with some clever descriptions for each person (e.g. Josh's was "Beard of truth, full of tacos")

Monday night Liz and Piper joined Kristina and me at Shotz to the Future at Celebration of Whimsy, a different theater on the LES a few blocks east of Beauty & Essex. Liz actually used to work there, and this was her first time at Shotz – I've been trying to get her to go for almost a year, off and on, give or take. She ran into a guy she knew from the theater scene, and he introduced her to Jenna, one of the Amios family, who was looking for help on upcoming plays, so they exchanged information. 

Jenna looked at me and asked if I've been to every Shotz because she sees me all the time. I told her I think I might have missed one in the last two years since I started coming with Kacey and Becker. She said I’m probably neck-and-neck with another woman for most performances attended all-time. I guess I could go back through my blog and count them up.