Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Finding fun time

Work has been really intense lately, culminating with Nearing's third-quarter earnings call today. I left the office at midnight and got home about 1:30 am, slept about four hours and got up at 6:30 to send our press releases out. This is obviously an exceptional event that happens only once a quarter, but overall, work has been steadily going on an upward trajectory. It's all good stuff, I'm getting more assignments for senior management and people notice and appreciate my work. It just makes it more important to make time for fun stuff and seeing friends when I can.

I did my annual Samhain ritual and charged a new amulet, a fancier version of the Chalice Well cover that I wore back in 2009 after my surgery. This has the vesica piscis design wrought in silver mounted on a disc of Merlinite, or dendritic opal, a stone that promotes spiritual growth and balance. There is a clear crystal in the mandorla-shaped aureola. It's probably the most ornate and arguably the most beautiful amulet I've ever worn.

Each of the last two weekends were birthday weekends, first for Teresa at the Way Station and Puck's this past weekend in Port Jefferson on Long Island. I also went to a rare Meetup event the Friday before T's party, a game night held by one of my women's groups that I don't run. I've been itching to play backgammon so I bought a new tournament-sized set and had it delivered just in time. I played about six games with three different women and won them all - only the last one had ever played before. No connection was made, but I had fun and now I have the game ready in case any friends want to play.

Last Monday was one of the best Shotz! ever - the theme was Game of Thrones and I've never even seen a single episode but it was funny! Probably the top three funniest Shotz ever, and a lot of the jokes passed over my head. I met up with Kristina and then we had dinner together at Ramen Setayaga on St. Marks. Not quite as good as Totto Ramen, but a lot less waiting time.

Puck's party was a low-key affair, with lunch at C'est Cheese and then back to their house to read "A Midsummer Night's Dream." Katie (Puck's FB ex) rode out to LI with me, so it was nice catching up with her. It turns out that she's working at Piper's old company - which is funny because Piper is working at Kacey's old company. So maybe in a few years Katie will be working at the Container Store!

The three of us are going to get together for a movie as part of Piper and my AFI movie marathon. I think Jaws is one of Piper's favorite movies. I love #68 and #98, so we'll see what we choose. This week's nominees are:

18. Psycho
28. Apocalypse Now
38. Double Indemnity
48. Jaws
58. Fantasia
68. An American in Paris
78. Rocky
88. Easy Rider
98. Unforgiven

Funnily enough, the other Katie in my life (from the poly women's group, originally) is going with me tomorrow to see Paramore in concert at Madison Square Garden. After all the late hours and hard work, I'm looking forward to blowing off some steam, dancing and listening to their poppy music for a night.