Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The plays the thing

I've been slowing down gradually from a very busy two weeks, but about to ramp back up again starting this weekend. So you could say this week is a trough in my social life.

After Myth, I had an astonishing 16 days straight of things to do outside the apartment other than work, 17 if you include my Daniel Craig 007 double-feature that I watched by myself last Thursday. Since I'm so far behind in blogging, I listed the events below (using K-Rand for Puck's former Facebook wife Katie and K-Rau for my PWG friend Katie):

1/22 - Open Love NY meeting with Puck
1/23 - Firefly marathon with Chelsea, K-Rand and Puck
1/24 - The Mystery of Edwin Drood with Puck
1/25 - Summer party at K-Rau & Dave's apartment in Astoria
1/26 - Puck and I had pizza with Peter & Floor, who were visiting from the Netherlands, followed by Village Stories with Kacey & Becker, Chelsea, Lourdes, Christina and others, a solo Italian musical storytelling performance in a medieval castle-like Gramcery Park apartment. Puck left early and Chelsea and I had tea at Boise Tea Parlor before she had to go to work.
1/27 - Helping Puck pack for their move back to SBU, then yoga, followed by dinner with Chelsea at a Thai restaurant on Amsterdam
1/28 - 2001: A Space Odyssey with Piper, continuing our Stanley Kubrick marathon
1/29 - Jury duty postponement in the city, followed by winning the Newsies lottery with Agnieszka and dinner at Schnipper's
1/30 - TSMC showing of The Unbearable Lightness of Being with Kacey, Becker, Chelsea and Marton
1/31 - Poly Women's Group (PWG) meeting
2/1 - Firefly marathon redux with Natalie & Matt, Lauren, K-Rau, Dave, Kiwi and Puck, then MMMM
2/2 - Haircut and color at Salon SCK, followed by an X-Men movie marathon with K-Rand while Puck went to the Cakehole party
2/3 - Yoga and Hampton Chutney Co. with Puck
2/4 - Shotz! with Kacey, Becker and Chelsea, followed by Klong Bangkok Street Food
2/5 - Play reading of Final Analysis with Kacey, Becker and Richard
2/6 - Play reading of Lysistrata Rape Play in the Cold Reads competition
2/7 - TSMC viewing of Casino Royale / Quantum of Solace

WHEW! So much fun stuff going on. I actually worked from home on 2/7 and 2/8, when Storm Nemo rolled in. So I stayed home pretty much all day and all night for three straight days until going to see The Man Under, a play my friend Liz is stage-managing, and then yoga on Sunday. So that was a good catch-up on quiet time for me.

Monday night was Poly Cocktails, the sixth anniversary party. Puck had come back for a doctor's appointment since classes had been cancelled due to Nemo, so we had dinner at Klong with Alex before they went off for tea and I went to Poly Cocktails. Puck texted me later to tell me that they ran into Chelsea because they chose to go to the Boise Tea House, which happens to be a favorite of Piper and Ilan as well.

Poly Cocktails was really fun. I was happy to see Jen for the first time in months since she's been in Australia. She's coming back in June for her birthday and we'll try to schedule something. Tall, blonde Jennifer was also there, glamorous in her candy apple red dress, looking like she stepped out of a Hitchcock movie, and she caught me up with her life. For some reason it seemed to be a night for deep conversations; with Lisa (talking about artistic paths) and Buck (about his housing situation).

I also connected with Jani again after Myth, and met a new friend, Robin, both of whom are going to Wicked Faire this weekend. We all exchanged numbers so we can find each other there and coordinate transportation. I'm really excited about spending time with them, Puck and Morgan this weekend, and looking forward to a great time!